Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions

  1. Open to any age rider and horse combination! Unless otherwise stated, entries under 16 yrs must have parental permission - see Video Editing) 
  2. Minimum Equine age is 4 years old. 
  3. Children may compete from 3 years old when in the leading rein class.
  4. Each horse and rider combination may only enter each class, once per month. However if you are unhappy with your entry and you re ride and video your test, you can update your entry before the closing date, for a reduced entry charge (see Update Test)
  5. Riders and horses can enter each class as many times as they like with different partners as long as each entry is accompanied by an entry fee
  6. The Horse Video Show is sponsored by Rosettes Spain ~ Escarapelas España
  7. The Horse Video Show will not accept any entries that are not accompanied by the correct entry fee made through our Paypal automated service.
  8. Tack & Turnout Entry is separate to your Class Entry. Please enter in the same way as your Class, adding your video entry URL in the space provided. You must enter a Class Competition to gain access to the Tack & Turn Out Competition.
  9. Prize Winners - Every entry receives a beautifully designed certificate as a PDF which you can print off to display. Each certificate comes with a special Identification Logo. Collect 12 x Consecutive Logo's to be entered into the Competitors Annual Free Prize Draw (If prizes have not yet been advertised please contact us) and to receive discounts on your next years Entry Fees. Luxurious Rosettes designed and fabricated by Rosettes Spain ~ Escarapelas España are sent out to the winners address, up to 10th place in each class! Postage fees may apply. Finally the first SIX lucky winners will receive Prize Money! The Horse Video Show offers between 10 & 20% of the total entries fees per class to the winners, this is divided in a scale from 1st to 6th place. So the more people who enter the larger the kitty will become! 
  10. Classes that have less than 30 competitors will only have rosettes up to 5th place and Prize Money up to 3rd place using only 10% of the Total Entry Fees.
  11. Winnings are instantly paid into the your (entry fee) Paypal account on Results Day!
  12. The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of any class.
  13. The Horse Video Show has the right to refuse video entry if they feel it is not in keeping with the site or it in fringes any of the rules governing our competitions.
  14. Juniors Competitions are open to children up to 16 year olds.
  15. Senior Competitions are open to people 16 years and over (by their class entry date)
  16. Copy right laws must be adhered to when submitting any video footage, photographs or printed material. The Horse Video Show will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor or third party.
  17. The Judging panel have 10 days to grade all of the entries and we celebrate giving the awards on Results Day (see Calendar)
  18. The more entries per class the more prize money you could win!
  19. Your judge will not only mark your test but they will also give you some friendly advice on your next steps and suggest topics you could work on to improve riding your various Tests!
  20. Guest Judges will be included from time to time, as well as competition prizes!
Video Editing
  1. All Videos must be labelled with the correct description unless the video is submitted via Saturday's Livestream Day. 
  2. The description must say:- Competition (Competition in - Dressage), Rider & Horse Name & Age (Rider - Natasha Segovia, Age -14yrs, Horse - Athos, Age - 14 years) Test (Test C), Group (Club - SEPE), Team (Team SEPE) or Pairs information (Pairs - Your chosen name) 
  3. Your Test must be one continuous video with no editing what so ever.
  4. The person shooting the video must stand behind C, they must follow the horse and rider keeping them completely within frame at all times, half zooming is allowed, although the frame must always have at least 3/4 of the width of the arena in frame at all times when filming the rider at the far end of the horse riding area
  5. You must leave the sound on.
  6. The Horse Video Show will not be accountable for any entry who provides un-truthful or dishonest information when submitting their video entry about themselves of their horses or ponies. Entries of this nature brought to light will be disqualified from their class, their entry fee will be lost and their membership cancelled. The Horse Video Show will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.
  7. All material on this site is owned by (including your material) and could be used within publicity promotions elsewhere on the internet.
  8. Livestream, Youtube and your profile on The Horse Video Show. These are the locations where you can upload your video entry. 
  9. Email your Video Entry direct from your mobile phone or computer!
  10. To The Horse Video Show email address subjectHorseVideoShow 
  11. OR simply email our sponsor Rosettes Spain ~ Escarapelas España
  12. HorseVideoShow @Rosettes Spain's YouTube Channel direct email address is Click HERE for further instructions 
  13. All Class Entries will be added to the Competition's Class Page within 72 hours of your entry fee payment and viewing of all the Entries is available to The Horse Video Show Members at any time. A Countdown to the Results Day Celebrations and the amount of Entries will also be included on this page, so if you would like more in the prize money kitty you can share the competition with your friends! 
  14. All video entries must not be listed as private viewing and videos uploaded on to Youtube or Livestream must have this as the description "My dressage competition entry on sponsored by and then add all the details listed in Video Editing Rule B above.
  15. Tack & Turn Out Entry - Video the rider on foot holding the horse correctly. Zoom in to a close up of both the Rider and The Horse, walk around both the horse and rider, checking the inside of reins and nose bands and covering every angle of the entry pair. Finishing with a mounted walk around on both reins to include both the horse and rider in frame. Protectors and Bandages can only be presented in the Tack & Turn Out if they are 'legal' in your Class Entry. Your Tack & Turn Out Entry is directly related to your Class Entry, so you must have the correct clothing and equipment for your Class. You must also include your URL of your Class Entry in your 
    Tack & Turn Out Entry. Please enter the Tack & Turn Out Video in the same way as a Class Entry and include the correct Title and Credits as well as to the camera presentation if you are under 16 years.
  16. Under 16 year olds must include a parent or legal guardian's permission within their video. They must say their full name and their approval of your entries into the online dressage competitions that The Horse Video Show hosts every month. Only one permission video is needed as long the words 'Continuous Permission' is included within their introduction to camera. They must also be listed in the description as Guardian. (Camera Shy? Repeat the Camera Shy Instruction for both the Guardian and the Child)
  17. No publicity what so ever is allowed on your video entry.
  18. Problems uploading? If you have tried emailing Don't worry you can post your video entry to us on a DVD, memory card or memory stick with just your video included or the whole groups! Download directly onto the disk or device from your computer, Easy! Then include a hand signed letter with the required description information listed in Video editing Rules A along with a copy of your passport. Please make sure your Entry is sent certified post. To obtain the address, contact us HERE. Please include a stamped addressed envelope for us to return your DVD, memory card or memory stick and please make sure you label your DVD, memory card or memory stick correctly, so that it is easy for us to identify.
Update Test
  1. Not happy with the test you have entered? 
  2. Still time before the entries closing date to have another go?
  3. You can Update your Test by replacing the test you have entered with your new one. This way you only have to pay 4€ per Update! 
  4. You can go to the Entry Fees Page to click on this option (coming soon)
Tack and Equipment
  1. Horses and ponies may only be ridden in the correct bridles for their Test. Example for Dressage - a snaffle or double bridle unless otherwise stated at the top of the test. 
  2. Bitless bridles may also be used in all classes unless otherwise stated!
  3. For Masters in Natural Horsemanship we will provide your own classes where it is compulsory to compete without bridles or saddles! If you choose to enter a standard class where tack is required you may only ride bridleless, you must ride with the correct saddle for the class. Example:- dressage saddle for the riders correct dressage position.
  4. Nosebands that are permitted are:- caverson, drop nosebands or flash nose bands
  5. No martingales, running reins, draw reins, side reins, chambons, de goges, market harboroughs or any other devices are allowed in any Class unless otherwise stated. Example:- Polo
  6. Nose nets ARE allowed
  7. Neck Straps, breast plates and croupers ARE allowed
  8. All Saddles are welcome but if the riders position is greatly effected for the worse you will be penalised and recommended to obtain the correct equipment before your next Entry. We will in the future hold a number of competitions in different disciplines with their different equipment but for now it is dressage and a dressage position by the rider is required
  9. No bandages or protective boots are allowed to be worn by the horse during the test (unless otherwise stated)
  10. Whips must not be shorter than 30 inches, must not be weighted at the end or have any sharpe edges for the current dressage Tests, please check back for other lengths when other disciplines are added to The Horse Video Show
  11. Spurs only short dummy spurs are allowed and they must be pointing downwards for Dressage (Please check back when other classes are added)
  12. Saddle Cloths maybe any colour as long as they are smart and they must match the riders top colour which MUST be Light or Dark in colour. This is mainly to allow for Club Colours!
Rider Dress Code for Dressage Competitions
  1. Light coloured jodphurs or breeches
  2. Light or Dark coloured closely fitted top - An equestrian competition Jacket, hacking jacket or a dressage top hat and tails can be worm if you have them! All pleasant colours allowed!
  3. Hard hat must be worn. We recommend your horse riding hat meets the minimum European safety standards
  4. Long horse riding boots in Black (or to match your jacket!) they must have safe horse riding soles (light grip treads with a small heal)
  5. Gloves are recommend but not required white or dark colours only
  6. Hair must be tidy and tide back

Groups, Clubs, Affiliates and Early birds 2011

  1. Early birds for Individuals only - Pay for your Individual Entry Fee BEFORE the Class Opening Date and receive 5% OFF your entry Fee!
  2. Groups and Club Affiliates who have over 10 members receive a discount when 20 entries are entered per competition. Clubs and Groups earn points over the year via their Competition Class Results and the amount of entries they bring per competition. These points are rewarded at the end of the year with a prize suitable to enhance the group or clubs performance in our competitions. 
  3. Please enquire HERE to register your Club or Group, subject your email with either Club or Group enquiry.
  4. Affiliates - Instructors and trainers can list their clients who they also invite to become a member of The clients will receive a discount on their entry fees. When the Affiliates active client list is over 30 members the Affiliate will also receive a commission! 
  5. Please enquire HERE to register as an affiliate. Subject your email with Affiliate enquiry and please tell us if you are an instructor at an establishment or freelance travelling to your clients? 

Host your own competition on The Horse Video Show

Not so sure if you and your friends want to compete outside of your group or club?

Contact us now to enquire about hosting your own Equestrian Competition 

utilising the services of!


A message from Candice Curtis Director of Rosettes Spain ~ Escarapelas España Sponsor and creator of The Horse Video Show...... 

" At your own yard on any chosen day. All you need to supply is the ring and someone to video everyone riding their tests or you could video each other to make life easier! The Horse Video Show will host your videos and supply the Judges and awards for your competition - you can even pick your Judge from our Judges Panel! Your group or club will even walk away earning a commission on the entry fees you create from your competition! Make the day fun for all the dressage competitors in your club, beginners to advanced riders! Your group working together will give the venue the competition feel, in the comfort of your own home! Which should help with your nerves! Or you could bunch together and hire some local facilities, like a local Internationally sized dressage arena (60m x 20m) some where you can all hack to..... This way you and your horses enjoy the thrill of riding at a venue with out the extra pressure a real horse show creates. Plus you can host more competitions... one every week if you like, so you can also earn an income whilst giving your clients a fun ladder to climb during their classes! Video their test for them, teach, correct and explain to them whilst watching the video (remember you can post your videos for FREE onto, you only pay for your Video Entry!) When your client is happy with their test they can enter it into one of the Classes we have on offer that month! You can then both go over the results, comments and advice from our Qualified Judges, Experts and Professional Instructors!

The Horse Video Show has been created with my fellow horse lovers living in Spain in mind. We suffer terribly with the ever increasing regulations and strict movement orders, required paperwork and rules for owning and transporting equines. Needing a Guia to move our horses off our properly for any length of time, some areas even require it if you simply hack some where and plan to stay there for the day! So I have come up with this new style of competition riding. You can make of it what you will but I know that the more you share and the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of The Horse Video Show!"

Competitions that will be added over the coming year:- 

  • Natural Horsemanship Competitions
  • Western Competitions
  • Jumping Competitions
  • Breeding and Showing Competitions
  • Polo Competitions
  • Indoor Eventing Style Competitions
  • Gymkhana Games Competitions
  • Side Saddle Competitions


Contact us for more information!

A Fun Video showing 'The System' here in Spain!


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