Questions and Answers

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The Horse Video Show

Q. How do I enter?

A. See Welcome Page and Rules Page 

Q. How do I pay? 

A. Through our Entry Fees Page which is directly linked to Paypal 

Q. How long does do my results take?

A. The competition is open for about 21 days and the Judging commences from the Closing of the Class. The Judging period lasts 10 days. All the results are listed on The Results Day for your Class. Winnings are paid directly into your Paypal account. 

Q. Can I only pay with Paypal? 

A. Yes  

Q. If I win a rosette how do I recieve it?

A. It will be sent to you by certified post. Depending on the amount of entries into your class will depend on if you qualify for Free Postage or if it is an extra charge, as well as the amount of placings awarded. 

Q. Is there a minimum number of entries per class?

A. No, however there is a minimum number of awards for classes with under 30 entries. Classes with under 30 entries will only receive a rosette award for every 5 entries and prize money for every 6 entries   

Q. Does the 20% Prize Money Kitty stay the same no matter how many entries are in a class?

A. Yes, however we only give prize money for every 5 entries, in classes with less than 30 entries.

Q. How many times can I upload a video onto this site and how many times do I have to pay?

A. You can upload as many videos as you like on this website and onto our Facebook, Youtube or Livestream Channels for FREE! Ask your friends to comment on the videos to help you decide which to enter! Please make sure your description is correct when uploading your video to any of these channels. When you have chosen your video simply pay your Entry Fees and add the video URL to the payment form. Pay with Paypal and keep your fingers crossed!