Show Jumping Classes on-line with the HorseVideoShow

  • Show Jumping Class G = Jumping Lines - graded on jumping a single fence in 3 different angles from both reins, your style, accuracy and complete horsemanship.
    • G40 = 40cm (Jump height)
    • G80 = 80cm
    • G1 = 1m
    • G1.2 = 1.20m
    • G1.4 = 1.40m

To explain in writing....

  • You jump the same fence 6 times (you follow the numbered arrows!)
  • You MUST jump the fence in the correct direction for each corresponding number.
  • You DO NOT have to ride a 10m circle continuously to ride this test, in fact we prefer you to ride about a 25m to 30m circle on the outside diameter circle of this test.
  • The camera should be static without Pan or Zoom of the subject. The camera must have the whole 30m circle (or the maximum width of your riding area) within the frame. If the horse and rider exit the frame at any time they will incur penalties.
  • You are Judged on the entire test:- From the Approach into the 1st Jump all the way through to the Getaway of the 6th Jump over the same fence.
  • You can either leave frame as part of the Getaway or you can return to complete your to camera entry details.
  • Your to camera entry details can also be presented at the beginning of your test.
  • Your entry details MUST be added to your entry video description at the very least.
  • You are judged on the 5 principles of jumping as well as your riding, jumping style and technique, as well as your horses! Be aware of your rhythm, balance, impulsion, cadence, horsemanship and your riding style between the fences, as well as your bascule over the fence!
  • What are the 5 principles of Jumping?
    • Approach, Take Off, Moment of Suspension, Landing and Getaway.

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